3 Things You Must Know Before You Go to the summit of Maunakea


“Maunakea Mountain” is one of the most visited places on the Big Island of Hawaii.

If possible, I would like to drive myself.

I also went to the summit of Maunakea, but it did not mean that we were able to reach the summit smoothly from the first try.

I tried to summarize the things that I learned for the first time and the things that would be useful if I knew in advance.

I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.


Onizuka Visitor Center Weather, Road Conditions, Road Status

Even if we go to the Onizuka Visitor Center, there are times when the road is closed and we are not allowed to reach the summit of Maunakea.

Before going to the visitor center, check the information on the official website.

You can find the information here. ⬇





Road Stataus is `Closed`
The road from the visitor center to the summit of Mauna Kea is closed. Even so, it is possible to go to the visitor center.


Even if Road Stataus is closed, you can go to the visitor center.

You can also check the temperature and weather from this site.

Information on this site is updated every 5 minutes.



You can read more about the visitor center in this ⬇(Only japanese now…)


Requirements for cars going to Summit

Even if Road Stataus is open, not all cars can pass through the gate to Mauna Kea.

There is a gate in front of the visitor center parking lot, and each car is judged.

Examination item⬇⬇

Examination item ① Is it a TRUE 4-wheel drive vehicles ?
Consideration item ② Is more than half of the Petrol(gasoline) remaining?
(I don’t think this information is posted on the official website. I didn’t know until I got there. Many people don’t know, so I’ll be back here.
Examination item ③ Other (please check the information provided on the official website) http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/info/vis/volunteer-program/critical-information.html


They are mainly looking at audit items ① and ②.
It seems that there is no problem with rental cars.
When I went, they didn’t check from early morning to daytime. Maybe they only check in the evening.


If you pass through the gate here, you will reach the summit in about 30 minutes.

For more information about the Mauna Kea summit, please read this ⬇(Only japanese now…)



Thank you for reading to the end. (‘▽ `)